Excellent Resource!

Tai Chi Chuan Classical Yang Style: The Complete Form Qigong - Jwing Ming Yang, Tsung Hwa Jou

This book is a fount of information! It not only includes how to perform the moves but the history of Chinese martial arts itself. I learned so much while reading it.


The word for martial in Chinese is wu (武). This word is constructed from two Chinese words zhi (止) and ge (戈). Zhi means to stop, to cease, or to end and ge means spear, lance, or javelin, and implies “general weapons.” From this you can see that the original meaning of martial arts in China is “to stop or to end the usage of weapons” (止戈為武).


It provides a comprehensive look at the art of Tai Chi Chuan, its history, and the theory and practices behind it. Towards the end there are pictures that show the movements of this martial art and, again, explain in great detail how and why to perform them in such a way – as well as the many ways they can be modified to different results.


All in all, I'm very glad I have this book – it's beautifully put together with a lot of information. Tai Chi Chuan contains 402 pages, so there's a LOT of history, information, and practice here. A good addition for anyone looking to not only learn this discipline, but learn more about Chinese martial arts in general and Tai Chi Chuan in specific.