Burning - Status Updates

Burning - Elana K. Arnold

Pg. 145 

I do not think I had truly recognized how precious solitude was to me until it became clear that I would not have it much longer. And growing in me like ivy, strengthening each day and choking out everything else, was the resentment I felt at the impending loss.


The development of these characters is fantastic!


Pg. 76

And as I sat staring at that final card, that bloody betrayed heart, I found myself questioning everything. Could it be true--might there be magic in this world, in this tent, in this girl across from me?

It didn't matter what I had thought before about fate, about God, about magic.



The pictures on the tarot are hardly ever that evocative of the actual reading, but that was still incredibly fun! Also, the relationship between Ben and his two friends is fantastic.


I don't know enough about modern Gypsy's to comment on how accurately they're being depicted, but I like the way the author's depicting them. It feels real



Pg. 37

I felt kind of angry with myself for spending the last few days I'd be with my family doing my damnedest to avoid them. It wasn't that I wouldn't miss them; I would. Maybe that was the point - maybe I was weaning myself off of them.


Every bit I read, I like this more.



Pg. 27

A faint wind stirred my hair. It felt almost like a hand at my back, urging me forward. To feel like I was disappearing, just by crossing a road...to become invisible...the possibility of invisibility appealed to me. Always in my life I was watched, weighed, valued, measured.


Just 2 chapters in and I'm already enjoying this. Alternating 1st person (clearly marked by chapter) and the characters voices feel distinct.