DNF at 44%

Together in Cyn: 1 (Members Only) - Jennifer Kacey

First person erotica isn't my favorite and it really affects my reading here. There is getting to be more and more telling, instead of showing, and I've lost interest in the characters and where they may be going.. Additionally, the writing style just doesn't mesh well with me - the descriptive terms literally make me cringe in sympathetic pain.


Previous Status Updates (below):


By all that was holy, if I was in the middle of some wet dream and woke up in the middle of another empty orgasm alone in my bed, I was going to scream.



"Cyn wanted to understand how her female status went unnoticed for so long. She's under the impression we only see her as a buddy. Don't you think we should set her straight?"



"And tomorrow night, you're coming with us."


I am really enjoying this so far!! It's made me laugh and grin more than a few times. I have to admit that I thought the fraternal twins aspect would bother me, but it isn't.



"Naughty girls who don't follow directions deal with the consequences. Naughty girls have to clean up the mess they make."


I could tell them to go. I could ask them to leave and they would. That assurance alone gave me the strength to shut the door on the past...


Both of them showing up in her room, because they heard her using the vibrator? She didn't agree to anything. I'm all for Doms pushing limits, but honestly is it so hard to get all consent in place first? Not some half-assed "I know what they want/will do" sort of thing, but real consent that comes about from a discussion?


Also - minor issue: She didn't know they were Doms (to the best of what I can tell) but she falls into being their sub really quickly and easily.



It looked as big around as my forearm...





I moaned on each thrust until the world...went...dark...


"...I think we fucked her unconscious."


This is probably not a good thing.



"...there is one subject we need to cover now. I know you're on birth control but I need you to tell me if you want us to wear condoms..."


It spoke volumes that he hadn't mentioned this when he was buried ... inside me earlier.


Yes. Yes it does. 


"Weren't you the one who told me not too long ago that having sex with a condom was like fucking with your pants on?"



Arrgghh! What is WRONG with safe sex? Especially with people that you believe have been having sex all over the place and say stuff like the above - indicating (to me) that they don't use condoms unless they need to.


And they do mention being tested, but honestly can people SHOW the paperwork on these tests showing a clean bill of health? If you're going to go with the "I've been tested" thing, at least be as responsible as can be (because the tests are only good through the date they were run and anything that happened after that doesn't show (obviously)). 


Safe sex people. There's nothing wrong with it. Getting pregnant is probably the least of worries. And I get it's romance - STDs don't exist in romancelandia, but ... C'mon!


That got a little more rant-y than I was expecting. I'm not enjoying this as much as I was before because of ^^. And also, some of the action verbs feel a little harsh to me, making the sex scenes not quite as sexy, but that's a personal preference I think (snarl, yank, dove/dive etc).


Also, though I know factually that the two men are brothers, I keep thinking of them as best friends.