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Onio - Linell Jeppsen


Here we go! O_O




His face was humanoid and distinctly handsome. Although his features were heavy, with a dark, slashing brow line, and thick finely etched lips, it was his eyes that mesmerized Mel's dazzled senses. They were huge, intelligent, humorous and knowing. The creature's eyes met Mel's and in an instant a connection was made. Although Mel's conscious mind screamed in disbelief and denial, her emotional core understood that she had just been touched, probed...deeply, by something she had only ever read about in shock rags and books on mythology. She was driving up on, and about to run over, a sasquatch!



I wasn't expecting the somber beginning, but have no fear! Sasquatch is here!


(emphasis mine) I just don't know what to do with a hairy, handsome Sasquatch. That doesn't compute in my mind.