80%, 81%, 84%, 86%

A Study in Silks  - Emma Jane Holloway


"Independence doesn't come easily, not when one has enjoyed the privileges of rank..."



I protest this illogical servitude...


"If you really want to go, I won't make you stay..."


Thank goodness! This was really bothering me, but there's some growth and learning with Evelina here. 




Holmes looked around the table. "I play my small role in the upkeep of justice, and can speak first hand of the deficiencies of the system. If we as a community cannot give the people justice and the rule of the law, can we blame them for looking to men like Jasper Keating for protection?"


Lord Bancroft narrowed his eyes. "Is that how you see your role? Supreme upholder of justice?"


Holmes lost his air of mockery. "I do not flatter myself so much. However, I have become increasingly conscious of the precarious balance of the nation. Power breeds resentment, and there is plenty of both in the air."


"I ask again, are you advocating revolution, Mr. Holmes?"


..."I am merely sounding a note of caution."


"To whom?"


"To the guilty. To those who will not pursue the solution of a crime, especially when the poor and helpless have been victims."


What a GREAT dinner scene! Sherlock certainly makes things a LOT more lively when he's in the book.



Intense! What a great scene!