I can't deal with it anymore - DNF at 18%

Lost In Kakadu - Kendall Talbot

Full disclaimer - I only got 18% into this book.


The book blurb describes the main female characters as a "pretentious socialite." That's polite. She's a bitch, judgmental, weak, cowardly, and idiotic. Below are some of her finer moments.


They've just been in a plane crash. Abigail (the female MC) and Mackenzie (the male MC) are the only - apparent - survivors.


"I have pain all down my back from that stupid girl."


Mackenzie glared at her. "She's dead, you know."


"Well, she should have put her seat belt on instead of flopping around like a bloody rag doll."


Mackenzie was lost for words...


W.T.F? There's no sympathy or empathy for anyone else - it's all about her. Fuck you.


Here's a conversation with Mackenzie - who just lost his partner in the crash:


(Mackenzie) "Hey, where'd we put that Snickers bar?"


(Abigail) "I, um...ate it."


"You what?"


"You gave it to me."


"No, I didn't. I offered to share it with you."


"I was hungry. I didn't think you'd mind."


"Why wouldn't I mind?"


"Well, you people are so conscious of--"


"People? What people?"


"You know...gay."


Fuck you, again.


Here we go with Mackenzie making her some coffee (though for the life of me I can't figure out why he keeps trying to be nice to her):


(Abigail) "Thank you." The hot liquid stung the inside of her mouth and she forced it down. "That's bloody awful!"


He glared at her. "Well, I'm sorry. The cappuccino machine is broken."


"I didn't mean it like that."


"You're so ungrateful."


...Replaying the conversation in her mind, she couldn't work out why he was so angry at her. She gave up, convinced she'd done nothing wrong.


Maybe it did taste awful; coffee made over a campfire, in an empty bean tin can, isn't going to taste great, but get over yourself. She couldn't figure out why he was so angry, after she's been incredibly needy, ungrateful and bitchy the entire 2 days? Whatever.


So previously she'd eaten the only food they had (a Snickers bar), and then after the coffee she drank an entire bottle of water and BURNED the bottle (WTF?) so now they have significantly less water and one less container to capture and contain more water in. Idiot.


...she jumped when Mackenzie spoke. "So do you have any kids?"


"Oh God, I forgot about her."


Mackenzie gasped. "How could you forget your daughter?"


She sighed. "Krystal and I don't get on..."


Really? Seriously? She's a bratty teenager and you think that's a reason to completely forget your DAUGHTER?? Self-centered much?


It's really no wonder where the daughter gets it from. This is Krystal finding out that her parent's plane has gone missing from a business associate of her father's (this is what made me give up - I can't deal with nothing but women who are assholes right now):


(Krystal): "What do you want?"


(Thomas): "I need to talk to you."


"So talk."


..."Your parent's plane has disappeared....They didn't arrive...and are currently listed as missing."


"So what? You know what Dad's like. He probably did it on purpose just to scare Mum."


"There's been no contact with the plane for two days."


"This's nothing! Dad went missing or over a week in the Amazon."


"I hope you're right."


"You can go now."


Charming isn't she? Love how much she cares. But wait - here's some emotion from her when she finds out her father's made plans in case anything happens to him and his wife:


(Thomas): "Actually, I'm here to take you to your grandmother's."


..."There's no way I'm going to live with that bitch."


Then she runs away and calls her father's mistress:


"Tina...have you heard?"


"I know, it's horrible. They don't know where he is."


"Dad'll be okay. I'm talking about me. They're sending me to Grandma Mulholland."


"Oh. Well, they have to follow--"


"I can't live with her. Tell them you'll look after me."


"I can't...They won't let me."


"You bitch."


When I started and found out she was married (to an asshole) and had a kid, I was really curious as to how the hell the author was going to make me believe in a romance while she's lost in the wilderness with some other guy. How could she not be concerned with getting herself back to her kid? How could she get over the emotional abuse her husband doled out for years so quickly to develop a healthy relationship? I shouldn't have worried about that because apparently she's forgotten her kid and her abusive husband already - it is, after all, all about her. To be honest, I'm bored and I'm irritated as hell with these women.