A Kiss For Midwinter - Courtney Milan

I liked this one. It had sweet moments, it had bitter moments; it made me cry, laugh, and cheer. 

Lydia and Jonas are well matched, especially considering I wanted to shake one or the other of them several times. I liked how her regard for him came slowly, with each bit of knowing him that she experienced. As she got to know him, the more she came to care. The same for Jonas - he always had a bit of a torch for Lydia, but as he got to know her I could see the real feelings developing.


I especially loved Lydia's father. That he was not only a loving father, but supportive, caring, and absolutely there for Lydia - no matter what - was so refreshing.


I do think that the slight irritation I felt with both main characters (at times) is what contributes to this being a slightly lower rating than The Duchess War, or some of Courtney Milan's other books. More page time might have mitigated that, but as this is a novella there's only so much space and time to work with. I'd have liked to see them come to terms with themselves and each other - and their relationship with each other a bit more...

I'd like to see Lydia and Jonas again sometime in the future.