Best yet in Masters of the Shadowlands Series

Breaking Free (Masters of the Shadowlands) - Cherise Sinclair

Though this is still a novella, Breaking Free packs a lot of story and character development into its pages; it's easily the best in the Masters of the Shadowlands series yet.


Beth is such a great character; she's so incredibly strong and absolutely inspiring. After escaping her incredibly abusive husband she's managed to begin rebuilding her life, not only starting her own business but recognizing her needs as well. Not only does she realize that she needs BDSM, but she continues to seek it out. After what she's been through that's an entirely amazing fact in and of itself. But she's not getting what she needs either.


Master Z, owner of Club Shadowlands, won't allow her true needs to continue unmet, so he assigns her a Dom - telling her that she must allow Nolan to attempt to work with her and see if he can't help her work past her issues. Of course, Z doesn't really know what he's open them up for either.


Nolan knows he's taking on a challenge, but he doesn't begin to realize how much of a challenge Beth is - or how much baggage she brings with her. He's a strong Dom and he scares Beth with his ability to control her. The way that he skillfully pushes her limits, prompting her healing and growth, her ability to recognize her needs, is amazing to me. He's walking a emotional minefield, and not even Beth understands where all the triggers may be.


I loved seeing these two find each other, pull towards the others and give something that neither knew they were looking for. I did have one slight moment of irritation at Nolan, but was able to forgive him for his absolutely emotional response - he simply wasn't being logical when he got hit in his emotions.


This is the book that cemented my love for Cherise Sinclair. Her ability to give such a satisfying story in such a short format - sexy, emotional, and heart-wrenching - made her one of my go-to authors for all things erotic. And next up is the sexy bartender, Cullen. Yum.