14%, 17%, 20%

Magic to the Bone  - Devon Monk


"I didn't go to college for magic."


"What did you go to college for?"


"The women." He smiled. "Oh, we weren't being that honest? Economics."


"So you're an economist who stalks people for money and just happens to have master the rare art of Grounding?"


"What can I say? I'm a complicated man."


These early interactions with Zayvion are great. :)



So I kissed him.


*sigh* I get the attraction, I do. But you don't trust him. You know he works for your father (whom you hate). You know he's withholding stuff from you. You're vulnerable and in a LOT of pain. Why are you kissing him? Why? WHY?



What in the heck is going on with Cody?? I'm so confused.