21%, 26%, 32%, 35%, 40%

Magic to the Bone  - Devon Monk


It was strange to have my entire life, or at least the important bits I didn't want to forget, recorded by hand and backed up electronically. It made sense to do it for the jobs I Hounded, but sometimes when going through the book I ran across a detail, like "always take the right trail in the park" or "parrots don't work" that were obviously personal experiences I no longer retained.


Okay, this irritates me. She mentions elsewhere that her shorthand is good and she takes good notes, but it seems pretty obvious that she doesn't know what some of her notes mean, or why she took them. If you lose your memory from doing your job (Hounding) - how about you take meticulous notes? 


It's obvious she doesn't know what memories she's going to lose, so she should probably record everything in her life. Right? Am I expecting too much?



Wow! I'm beginning to wonder if I've remembered anything from my first time reading it. That just shocked the heck out of me.



I was not his girlfriend, or at least I didn't think I was.


Seriously? You don't think you're his girlfriend? Y'all really have had like 2 conversations and kissed once.



I'd wanted olfactory disguise, I'd gotten olfactory disguise. I smelled like garbage, cat piss, and somebody else's blood. Couldn't have asked for a better cover. A nicer one, yes. But better?


This is what I like about Allie.



There wasn't a building or person in the city that wasn't touched, coated, and shaped by the force of magic. It was in our soil, in our air, and in our blood. We breathed it, we ate it, we used it. And even though it used us back, we wanted more.


In my opinion, the fine line between advancement and addiction had been crossed years ago.



Is this really the time for a make-out session Allie? Seriously?