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The Emperor's Blades - Brian Staveley


"Love, like hate - it is your word, daughter, not ours."


Wow! What a beginning!!



The mind is a flame, the monks said. Blow it out.


After eight years, Kaden still wasn't sure what that meant, and with his stomach rumbling impatiently, he couldn't be bothered to contemplate it.


*snort* I wondered what the hell that meant too LOL.



Live now, he told himself, rehearsing one of the standard Shin aphorisms. The future is a dream. And yet, a part of his thoughts - a voice that refused to be stilled or settled - reminded him that not all dreams were pleasant, that sometimes, no matter how one thrashed or turned, it was impossible to awake.


I'm just in love with the way this author writes.



"Split up?" he asked. "You stay topside, I'll check belowdecks again?"


"What ever you say, O Divine Light of the Empire," she responded with a smirk.


"Let me remind you," Valyn said, eyes narrowing, "that you're not as big as Fane."


She put a cupped hand to her ear. "What was that? It sounded like...was it a threat?"


"And you're just a girl."


...if Lin was going to needle him about his parentage, Valyn intended to give as good as he got.


"I wouldn't want to have to turn you over my knee and paddle you," he added, wagging a finger at her.


"You know that Shaleel taught us how to crush testicles, right?" Lin replied. "It's pretty easy, actually, sort of like cracking a walnut." She demonstrated with one hand, a quick, twisting gesture that made Valyn wince.


LOOL! I love the banter and chemistry between these two!