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The Emperor's Blades - Brian Staveley


I love Il Tornja. So practical and laid back. I want more of him. Please tell me I get more of him.



The shrine to Hull, Lord of Darkness, patron god of all those who moved in the shadows, wasn't a shrine at all, but a massive tenebral oak, gnarled black limbs stretching over a full quarter acre like arthritic fingers scratching at the sky. Hanging from every branch and twig - packed in so close that when Valyn first saw the tree, he took them for heavy black leaves - dangled bats, tens of thousands of bats, folded tight in their wings, waiting silently for night. When darkness fell, they would take to the air together, a wheeling, darting, silent swarm harrying the sky, leaving the branches bare as bones.


That. Prose. My god. Love. I'm in love.



"Might make whoever's trying to kill you think twice."


"I don't want them to think twice, I want them to think once and, if at all possible, drunkenly."


Hah! I don't remember the last time I've been so engrossed in a new book. Everything I love is here. World, characters, prose, plot, characters, intrigue. 



This book is killing me! I can't put it down.