28%, 29%

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets  - J.K. Rowling


They had reached Lockhart's classroom and he let Harry go at last. Harry yanked his robes straight and headed for a seat at the very back of the class, where he busied himself with piling all seven of Lockhart's books in front of him, so that he could avoid looking at the real thing.



A moving, black and white Lockhart was tugging hard on an arm Harry recognised as his own. He was pleased to see that his photographic self was putting up a good fight and refusing to be dragged into view. As Harry watched, Lockhart gave up and slumped, panting, against the white edge of the picture.



LOOL!! Lockhart irritates the hell out of me, but this stuff with him is making me chuckle so much on this read-through.