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The Summer He Came Home  - Juliana Stone


*sniffles* When I'm already emotional is probably not the best time to start a book that begins with a funeral of a friend.



+1 for not letting the guy drive the girl home even though he's been drinking AND for him not fighting about it.




LOL! Poor Maggie. I'd be going 10 shades of red.



Being arrested doesn't equate to being a felon...




I like Cain and Maggie (mostly) - and they have some intense chemistry - but I'm most interested in Jake. In love with his twin's widow...man.



Ok, Maggie, you're kind of irritating me.



And here I'm going to get nit-picky. It's just bothering me and I can't stop thinking about it. Crystal Lake is a small town of about 5,000 residents. And they have public bus transportation. That doesn't jive with my experience here in the upper mid-west. In fact, in a town that small you should be able to walk just about everywhere you want to go.


This is what I'm working from: I grew up in a city of about 17,000 people. I could walk from one end of town to the other in around a half hour. In this city, we didn't have buses. You walked, drove, or biked it. There weren't cabs even - unless you called one from the neighboring city and paid an arm and a leg for them to come out there.


To add to this - this city now has around 30,000 people and STILL no buses.


In fact the only city around me that I can say does have buses is the state capitol (240,000 people), and the three suburbs that the Metro services as an extension of itself.


So, unless it's a suburb, I just can't see it having buses. And if it were a suburb I can't see it having this small-town feel to it...




Just had to get that off my mind, because it's been circling since I woke up. LOL