54%, 56%, 59%, 66%, 67%

Wrecked - Shiloh Walker



"Now ... can we stop talking? It's been like three days since I had you naked."


She smiled against his lips. "Wow. Three whole days? However did you stand it?"


They just make me grin!



Her legs hung off the edge as he tucked the head of his cock against her gate.


(emphasis mine) Gate? Seriously? That's a new one for me (though it is the 4th or so time it's used in this book), and I don't like.



You blind woman ... he's been in love with you for years didn't seem to be the right thing to say.


Yes. Yes, it is.



"Important ... Abby. Important describes what I have to do by April 14. Important describes getting my license renewed, my bills paid, payroll ... Abby. You're not important. You're everything."


*happy sigh*



"You're so fucking beautiful ... you got any idea how long I've thought about doing something like this with you?"


As the ache in her chest threatened to expand, she tried to tease him. "Zach, if you wanted to do finger painting, all you had to do was ask."


"Ha ha." 


LOL. Also, so incredibly sexy that he's painting a temporary tattoo on her. *fans self* Want.