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Star of the Morning - Lynn Kurland

I'll apologize now for the length of some of these quotes....but I just can't help myself!



"It is the middle of the night. You should go back to bed."

"I was in bed."


Cathar's frown deepened. "I'm beginning to think, my lord Archmage, that you need a keeper."


Miach sighed and rubbed the back of his neck. "I'm not sleeping well."


"Apparently not." He slung his arm around Miach's shoulders and pulled him past the table and toward the doorway. "What's your pleasure? A handsome wench, or a hot fire and brotherly conversation?"


Miach smiled faintly. "The latter, surely. I hesitate to think upon how the former might ruin my reputation when I walk away without good reason."



"Very well," Miach said seriously, "I will confide in you." He took a deep breath and let it out slowly before he spoke. "My spells are fading."


"Which ones?"

"The ones of defense," Miach said.


Cathar's mouth fell open. "You jest."


"I don't."


Cathar had a very long pull from his ale. "Defense? You mean those wee bits of magic that keep our border from being overrun by all manner of beasties and evil things sent from black mages we might know?"


"Those bits of magic are not so wee," Miach said dryly, "but aye, those are the spells I fear are being affected."


<3 Miach. So, so much!



His face was beautiufl, but every time he opened his mouth, she wanted to clunk him over the head again with her sword.


Heh. Sometimes I feel sorry for Adhemar, and then he opens his mouth again... LOL



"Certainly," Adhemar interrupted. "Of course, the wench here will have to give me back the rest of my gold before I can wager anything."


Morgan looked up at him, placidly. "Why would I have any of your gold."

"You're wearing my socks."


"I keep telling you, lad," Paien said with a laugh, "to be grateful the damage was limited to that. Camid, I think we've finally found a lad to turn her head. Can you believe she left him alive."


"But robbed," Adhemar said distinctly.


Paien only smiled over his shoulder. "It could have been worse."




[Morgan] allowed Glines to pull out her chair. After two years of trying to convince him she did not need such courtesies, she had given up. She did scowl at him, though.


"You will never make a true mercenary," she said.


"So you say," he said, sitting down next to her, "and yet I manage to brandish my sword and do damage with it."


"You do more damage with your gaming."


"I game, you fight." He smiled at her. "I think we should wed and live our lives happily on our strengths."


Morgan was grateful there was no cup of ale in her hand, for then she would have already drunk and she would have wasted a mouthful by spewing it out. To her surprise, Adhemar was making the same sound of disbelief.


"Wed with her?" Adhemar said. "A man wouldn't dare!"


Camid's look would have felled a lesser man. "Careful, lad," he said quietly. "An insult would need to be repaid."


"By me," Morgan put in pointedly.



Paien leaned over. "He's tolerable," he murmured behind his cup.


"Are you thinking for yourself, or for one of your girls?" she whispered back.




Adhemar shrugged. "There is safety in traveling with other souls."


"It is more difficult to find yourself robbed thusly," she agreed.


Or perhaps not.

Morgan looked at Glines, who was leaning back in his chair, holding his cards in plain sight, and looking at Adhemar from under half-closed eyelids. Glines, at his most dangerous. Adhemar would not emerge from this encounter unscathed.


"I'll come along as well," Adhemar said, hefting his further-lightened purse. "You might need me."


Morgan couldn't imagine it, but instinct reared its ugly head again and she found she couldn't discourage him. She hadn't left him for dead and now she wasn't stopping him from joining her crew.




*sighs happily* 


Okay, that'll probably be the last of the longer quotes I'll post for the book. LOL