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Star of the Morning - Lynn Kurland


She stretched out in the hay next to him and stared up at the ceiling. He lay down as well, then turned toward her. She could sense he was studying her by the faint light from a lantern below. Heaven only knew what he thought of her, but she found that whatever it was, it didn't trouble her.


But in time it did begin to annoy her. She turned her head to look at him.



"You said you could wield a sword at ten summers," he said. "How did that happen?"


"If I tell you," she said, "will you shut up and sleep?"


He laughed. "Aye, I might."



And he was a farmer - of sorts. He grew all kinds of things in his garden, things that made his brothers uneasy and terrified the servants. And those were just the flowers. Aye, he farmed. He planted spells all over the kingdom and watched them grow and flower into enchantments of beauty and ward and defense.



"If you must know, I'm off to shadow Miach."


"Are you?" he asked "Why?"


"I don't know."


Paein looked over his shoulder at her. "I thought you liked Adhemar."


"I can't stand Adhemar. Where did you get any other idea about it?"


"I have a vivid imagination. So, do you like Miach now?"


Morgan suppressed the urge to cuff him briskly on the back of the head. "I can't believe we're having this conversation." She frowned. "Am I dreaming?"



He suspected he would have followed her quite a long way before he asked her to stop.



I can not say enough how much I love Miach (even with his secret keeping) and Morgan. <3 <3 <3