Awakening the Warriors by S.E. Gilchrist

Awakening the Warriors - S.E. Gilchrist

DNF at 73%

Small disclaimer: Science Fiction isn't my thing. I read it occasionally, and am trying to read more of it, but 9 times out of 10 it doesn't grab me in the same way fantasy/paranormal would. 

Most of what I read, I skimmed; the writing was completely unengaging - which probably has a lot to do with the main character. I honestly don't even remember her name (that's how much of an impact she made on me) and I just put this book down. She's a tool - used to awaken the Darkons' (aliens next door in their prison) lust. Because apparently when they're horny they fight harder and without ceasing? I dunno.

I just kept picturing the two Darkons (Quain and Jerrell) running around in this space station, being shot, hand-to-hand combat, etc all while naked (as they were in the room she found them in). I don't know why I stuck on that, but I couldn't stop picturing it (and not in a good way)!

Quain and Jerrell are fighting and fucking machines. That's all they are. And they ALPHA. Do as they say when they say it. Never mind what the female MC (I need a name for her damn it!) wanted. 

"Do as you are bid."

This is probably where it lost me the most though. I like alpha men in my books. I like erotica. I like fantasies of being told what to do in sexual situations. What I do not like? The men thinking they own a woman because of some interest or one sexual encounter. Fuck that.

After that it's a bunch of running through a space station to escape and a world that isn't ever fully built - this could have easily taken place in contemporary times with all humans in the jungles of South America or something foreign to the main character. 

So, no characterization, no world-building, and a standard 'escape' plot. Nothing to keep me wanting to read, that's for sure.