Can't Let Go - Jessica Lemmon

Okay, look, I get it that you don't want to add stress to your mother when she's battling cancer, but keeping your YEAR OLD divorce from her probably isn't the thing to do either.


If you were trying to date me, I wouldn't be comfortable with that either - and honestly, I'd probably walk the other way.


And, so say your mother beats it - then you're suddenly going to break up with your wife, and have a new girlfriend? 


Or say she doesn't make it (I hate even contemplating this), but you've just spent the last year pretending something to her, instead of letting her meet the women you're now truly falling for.


Do not like.



What I do like? That Aiden's not a millionaire, not a billionaire, in fact he's unemployed right now because he gave his business to his business partner & best friend (who was fucking Aiden's wife).


This is a prequel to the HEA/romance, so I think this is about how they missed their opportunity, and the next book Hard to Handle is their actual romance....