"A Questionable Client" by Ilona Andrews

Magic Graves - Ilona Andrews, Jeaniene Frost

January 2014 Reread


If you've read the Kate Daniels series you'll instantly recognize the scene set here - of when she first meets Saiman. Though it's very short, and a quick read, there's plenty of ass kicking and snark. 

"What happened?"

"You fell."

"Really? What did I fall into?"

"My fist."

Kate's a merc, and when she takes a job for bodyguard detail she ends up getting more than she planned for. 

But bodyguard detail was a couple's kind of dance. You had to work with the body you guarded, and in my experience, bodies proved uncooperative.

You get to see why Saiman is so fascinated with Kate - and it's not just because she says no the first time. As I love Kate, too, I can't really blame Saiman; even if he is a creepy bastard.

My paper said the client's name was Saiman. No indication if it was his last or first name. Perhaps he was like Batman, one of a kind.

I love anything to do with Kate Daniels, and I have a hard time thinking about anything but how much I love these books when I read this. This is a short story, so it's an incredibly quick read, but well worth it. Definitely recommended to anyone that enjoys the Kate Daniels series; and for those that aren't too sure about Kate after the first book (some of my friends, can you believe it?) I think this novella offers some additional intriguing insights into her character. Even though it is a prequel, you needn't read it before Magic Bites.