One Enchanted Season - C.L. Wilson, Erica Ridley, Elissa Wilds

So, I just started (literally at 37%) Let It Snow by Erica Ridley, and I've got some issues.


I know, I know! I just started it. But honestly - I'm confused. I don't understand this world.


First line:

After another long spell of swashbuckling and bounty hunting, Lance Desmond could barely wait to hang up his sword.


Okay, so I'm thinking we're in a technologically deficient world - either none at all, due to magic, or something like Kate Daniels where it comes and goes? 


Later that same paragraph:

It was three o'clock in the morning. Christmas Eve. And if the gods were with him....


Gods. Plural. AND Christmas Eve? But, okay, I'll buy it.


Shortly after that it mentions a "magically fluorescent OPEN sign" seeming to reinforce the idea of a world of magic and not technology/electricity.


A paragraph later we learn that, apparently, the money of the realm is drachma - this is currency that was used in ancient Greece (through modern times). As far as I can figure 1 drachma = 1 USD...ish. Maybe.


Then we've got them talking about going to midnight mass for Christmas....Are these gods you were hoping were with you earlier just....what then? I don't understand a character that sends pleas to multiple gods and plans to go to midnight mass for Christmas.


Now we're going to blow my whole theory about the world to pieces:

"It all started when the new rajah hired him to find a handful of diamonds that had fallen from a plane over Mount Everest."


And here I did a double take. Okay, now we've got planes that are apparently alive and well, so to speak. Flying around.



"I bought a pirate ship."


Wait - WTF? A pirate ship? When there are planes? Why??????


*pulls hair* Seriously, I'm only 1% into this story (there are three in the anthology)