One Enchanted Season - C.L. Wilson, Erica Ridley, Elissa Wilds

Yup. I'm giving up on Let It Snow by Erica Ridley. I tried to read a little further and was thrown out again with the inanity.


...when a pair of bounty hunters used silver bullets to announce their presence. Four more bounty hunters fell in behind them.

Lance had his sword in hand and through the chest of the closest attacker before the hunter had a chance to pull the trigger a second time. Two razor-edged claymores appeared in Sancho's mitts from out of nowhere, and for several adrenaline-filled minutes, the only sounds were the clang of swords, the sharp report of gunfire, and a series of wet thuds as the bodies of the would-be assassins hit the ground and stayed there.

I have a few issues here.

Bounty-hunters "announcing" their presence by firing a gun - how inept are they that they can't hit an unaware target?

SIX bounty-hunters, presumably with guns, can't take out two lonely guys with only SWORDS?

Sancho (Lance's friend) can apparently wield TWO CLAYMORES at a time - do you have any idea how BIG these freaking swords are? They're HUGE. A single claymore sword is meant to be handled TWO-HANDED.

Then the bounty hunters are apparently still firing their guns and still can't hit our hero. *rolls eyes*

I'm done.