21%, 26%, 48%, 51%

Clean Sweep -  Ilona Andrews


My GPS came on and Darth Vader prompted me to take the next exit. Ten minutes later, after bearing left "to the dark side," I parked before a large house.


OMG - I want my GPS to have Darth Vader's voice!!!



Beast is AWESOME. Holy shit. 



"Myths tend to spiral out of control. Do you howl at the full moon and steal maidens to devour?"


"Depends on the maiden," he said.


Was he flirting with me? Devouring didn't really go with flirting, but his tone of voice did. Was this how werewolves flirted? Hey baby, if I had to kill any girl and eat her flesh, it would be you...





Man, I'm loving this book! Ilona Andrews though - 'nuff said.