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Starglass - Phoebe North

"Terra," she said, thinning her lips, "there's no guarantee that we'll be able to actually live on the surface of Zehava when we get there."


My frown deepened as she stood, dusting her hands against her trousers.


"What do you mean, there's no guarantee?" My voice wavered betraying my emotions -- fear, and a hot flash of anger, too.


But Mara ignored the frantic crescendo of my voice. "What are the teaching you kids in school these days? I told you. Almost everything we think we know about Zehava is based on conjecture -- we can guess certain things about a planet based on how far it is from its sun, and the gravity it exerts on other bodies in its system, and how long the orbit is, and the rotation. But things like atmospheric composition? The presence of water? And whether it can support life? And more, life like ours?"


The hard look over her features finally softened. "You should know this. Our ancestors sent out many ships to many planets -- because there was no guarantee we would make it and no guarantee that any of these places could support life."


"What happens if it can't?" I demanded. A thorny tangle of anger grew inside me. "What happens if we get to Zehava and can't even live there?"


Mara gave me a toothy grimace. "Well, then we detach the ship's dome. And land it. And remain within the glorious prison of the Asherah."


Okay, couple of things - what the hell? You're going to a planet HUNDREDS (seriously, 500) years away and you have NO IDEA if it can even support life?? WUT? You don't know the atmospheric composition, whether it even HAS water? Nada. You've got nothing. You fly a ship hundreds of years from earth on a hope and a dream? Really??


But, I love that Terra's finally starting to see beyond her small scope.


And I'm enjoying the lack of romance....actually I'm really thankful there's a lack of romance because I'm not a fan of any of the possible love interests we've met - I don't really trust them at all.