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Starglass - Phoebe North

Shortest slow middle part I've ever seen. I'd pretty much no sooner said that than things started happening.


"You're coming to our quarters, aren't you?" [Her brother's] lips were pursed, worried. He still couldn't bring himself to tell me what to do. Which meant that I didn't have to agree to it, right? So I didn't. I walked off through the field, my boots sinking into the mud.


Without getting too spoilery: I saw this coming. It was definitely building up to it.



Her father was very disturbed, and simply waiting for Terra to be of age and no longer his responsibility, so he could go join his wife. I believe, absolutely, in how much he loved his wife. But I can not forgive or forget how he treated Terra.


And I'm pissed that no one else was even concerned about it. Or did anything about it. 

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Also, totally guessed that about Koen.