Reading progress update: I've read 91 out of 464 pages.

Scarlet - Marissa Meyer


So, I'm a book behind - Thorne and Wolf, here I come!!


Pg 25

You just never know when a stranger will take you somewhere you don't mean to go.


Now if that doesn't shed an illuminating light on her grandmere's disappearance.


Pg 33

"I have sensitive skin."


Her mouth opened and he expected sympathy, but all that came out was a disinterested "Huh."




Pg 70

Knowing it was wrong, he couldn't help but wish that wherever Cinder had gone, they would never find her.


I still <3 Prince Kai.


Pg 91

"This is great!" said Thorne, nearly knocking her over with a slap on her back. "They're not going to worry about us if they have a Lunar to track down."


*snickers* He's so clueless.