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Moon Called (Mercedes Thompson, #1) - Patricia Briggs

Why the Alpha werewolf had chosen to buy land right next to me, I suspect, had as much to do with the werewolf's need to dominate those they see as lesser beings as it did with the superb riverfront view.


He didn't like having my old single-wide bringing down the value of his sprawling adobe edifice - though, as I sometimes pointed out to him, my trailer was already here when he bought his property and built on it. He also took every opportunity to remind me I was here only on his sufferance: a walker being no real match for a werewolf.


In response to these complaints, I bowed my head, spoke respectfully to his face - usually - and pulled the dilapidated old Rabbit I kept for parts out into my back field where it was clearly visible from Adam's bedroom window.


*grins happily* I love Mercy. I think this was a good choice after the extreme high of Harry Potter - another great series to not let me down.