Reading progress update: I've read 67%.

Alpha & Omega - Patricia Briggs

(Charles) "Most werewolves find someone they love, get married, and spend a long time with their spouse before the wolf accepts her as his mate....Sometimes it doesn't happen that way...Leave it rest there, for now, Anna. You have been through enough without this."


(Anna) "I am so tired of being ignorant. You've changed all the rules on me--so you can damned well tell me what the new rules are."


"Fine. You should have let it be, but you want truth. My brother wolf has taken you for his mate. If you were nothing to me, I would have never allowed such abuse as you have suffered since your Change. But you are mine, and the thought of you hurt, of being able to do nothing about it, is an anger that even an Omega wolf cannot easily soothe."


*flails* Seriously, I love these two. I get squee-like happy when I'm reading.