Cry Wolf by Patricia Briggs

Cry Wolf (Alpha & Omega #1) - Patricia Briggs

Just a quick note about the narration - the issues that I had with the novella, Alpha & Omega, are mostly resolved here. The weird pauses the narrator reads with are greatly reduced (or maybe I just got used to them?), and the male voices are pretty good - with the exception of Charles (so disappointing). Overall, I can deal with it and enjoy the story.


My problem is that I got impatient and had to switch to my Kindle to actually read the book. I think this is at least, partially, due to the fact that I'm still pretty irritated with the the way the narrator chooses the characters' voices and to read the book.


Another reminder, this book picks up immediately following Alpha & Omega, so it is necessary to read that first.


Previous review of the story:

It's hard to review a book in a series that's become a favorite. Even while re-reading this book I couldn't help but think of the overall series, and world. Implications, and realities that are learned.


The first 1/3 is definitely slower than I'm used to in PB books, I think that's partly due to the fact of the beginning really starting in Alpha & Omega (the novella). I really enjoyed some of the conversations that took place there, and I like the way that Charles and Anna's relationship develop. They have a very different dynamic than Mercy and Adam, for example. Anna is a bit gun-shy (and watching her come out of that is one of the most satisfying things I've read) to start, and Charles is very unused to communicating his feelings.


Anna begins to learn to read Charles, listening to more than just his words including his body language, tone, and even her nose. Charles learns who Anna is, not someone that he has to coddle and protect, but someone strong-willed enough to enjoy all he has to offer.


This is an incredibly emotional book, more so on re-reads for me. The parts with Walter nearly always break my heart and choke me up. Asil too. And, of course, being obsessed with Bran, I love learning more about him. And we do get quite a bit more insight since the book takes place in Aspen Creek.


Cry Wolf is an eminently satisfying read with a strong romance and plenty of outside drama.