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Hunting Ground  - Patricia Briggs

He focused on the snow and took a deep breath of cold air--and something heavy landed on his shoulders, dropping him facedown in the snow. Sharp teeth and a warm mouth touched his neck and were gone as quickly as the weight that had dropped him.


Without moving, he opened his eyes to slits, and from the corner of his eye, he glanced at the sky-eyed black wolf facing him warily ... with a tail that waved tentatively and paws that danced in the snow, claws extending and retracting like a cat's with nervous excitement.


And it was as though something clicked inside Brother Wolf, turning off the fierce anger that had been churning in Charles's gut for the past couple of weeks. The relief of that was enough to drop his head back into the snow. Only with her, only ever with her, did Brother Wolf settle down wholly. And a few weeks were not enough time to get used to the miracle of it--or to keep him from being too stupid to ask for her help.


I love this scene so much. I grin through it the entire time.