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Blood Bound  - Patricia Briggs


"Darryl's just a little confused right now."


Darryl snorted.


I didn't look at him but I felt my lips curl in sympathy. "Following a coyote would stick in any wolf's craw," I said. "Sitting around when there's things that need doing is worse. If Darryl were a lesser wolf he would have killed me when I walked in."


Darryl's snort evolved into an honest laugh. "You're not in danger from me, Mercy. Confused though I might be."





I called Bran's cell phone and got a voice mail request. I took it as a sign that he would be too late to help. I told him to look in the safe in my shop and gave him the combination. Then I sat down at my computer and typed out everything pertinent about what I was doing and where I was going. I wasn't going to leave everyone wondering what happened to me the way everyone else who had gone after _____ had.


YES! Smart. 



I just want to hug Ben.