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Iron Kissed - Patricia Briggs

Uncle Mike seemed to come back to himself and he stared at me. "You know too many of our secrets, Mercedes."


Samuel set his guitar aside and put himself between us before I had time to register the menace in Uncle Mike's voice.


"Careful," he said, his voice thick with Wales and warning. "Careful, Green Man. She's put her neck out to help you--shame upon you and your house if she comes to harm by't."


"Two," Uncle Mike said. "Two of the Grey Lords have seen your face in our business, Mercy. One might have forgotten, but two never will." He waved an impatient hand at Samuel. "Oh, stand down, wolf. I'll not harm your kit."


I'm loving getting to see more and more of the fae. They're so dangerous and deadly. I also find it incredibly humorous (because I don't live in the world) that so many humans aren't relating the fae to the old fairy-tales. They'd have a better idea what they're really dealing with if they did.