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Iron Kissed - Patricia Briggs


Sometimes good hearing isn't a blessing.


"Sorry," Darryl said, though his voice carried more amusement than apology.


"I bet," growled Adam. "Damn it. This has got to stop."


Darryl gave a full-throated laugh that lasted quite a while. I'd never heard him laugh like that. Darryl was pretty uptight usually.


"Sorry," he said again, sounding more apologetic this time. "Looked to me like you'd rather it not stop."


"Yeah." Adam sounded suddenly tired. "I should have gone after her a long time ago. But after Christy got through with me, I wasn't sure I wanted another woman ever. And Mercy is more gun-shy than I ever was." Christy was his ex-wife.


"Then Samuel came to compete for the prize," Darryl said.


"I am not a prize," I muttered.


I knew they both heard me, but all he said was, "Samuel has always been the competition. I prefer him here, so at least I'm competing with a flesh-and-blood man, and not a memory."


"If you're going to talk about me behind my back," I told Adam, "at least do it where I can't hear you."


They must have followed my request because I didn't hear anymore of their conversation.


I need more of what led to this!!!!



"How is any of this my fault?" I asked hotly.


He sighed. "I don't know. Does it matter whose fault it is once you're sitting in the middle of the frying pan?" He gave me a despairing look. "And as my father used to point out, you find your way into that frying pan way too often for it to be accidental."


It's really not her fault, it's because of her loyalty really...but Samuel has a point - does fault matter when she's in the fire? LOL



"I like you," she said to me. "You play an underhanded and subtle game--and like Coyote you shake up the order of the world." She laughed. "Coyote indeed. Good for you. Good for you. I don't know what else you'll run into--but I'll let the Others know what they are dealing with." Then, almost to herself, she murmured, "Perhaps ... perhaps this won't be a disaster after all."


There was actually something I wanted to quote before this, but I don't want to spoil. It's one of my favorite moments in this series though. *sighs happily*



Getting a list...was a good enough reason...that Adam would understand... He might get mad, but he wouldn't be hurt.


And Adam angry was really an awesome sight. Was I a bad person that I enjoyed it?