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Bone Crossed  - Patricia Briggs


Personally, I figured it was up to me to keep me safe. Sometimes it might mean calling in friends, but it was my responsibility.


I <3 Mercy.



"I thought you'd be able to decide if you were interested or not. If you weren't interested, I could regroup. If you agreed to be min, I can wait until Hell freezes over for you."


<3 <3 <3



She scowled at him.


He gave her one of his sudden smiles, and I knew my mom had made yet another conquest: she's pretty cute when she scowls, and Adam didn't know many people gutsy enough to scowl at him. I had a sudden revelation. I'd been making a tactical error for the past few years if I'd really wanted him to quit flirting with me. I should have smiled and smirked and batted my eyelashes at him. Obviously a woman snarling at him was something he enjoyed. He was too busy looking at my mom's scowl to see mine.





Hahaha! Samuel and Mercy crack me up in this scene. I do so love Samuel.



"Thank you, Adam," I told him...


I don't want to quote more than this, because **spoilers** for Iron Kissed, but... *sighs happily*



Our government didn't know they had a tiger by the tail--and the tiger wasn't going to tell them anytime soon.


Oh, the day they find out though. Whoa.



I wanna hug, Ben. I really do. Every time he shows up now I'm just like "I love you!!!!"