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Silver Borne (Mercedes Thompson, #5) - Patricia Briggs


"All things die, Mercedes. Some just take longer than others."


*heart cracking into a million pieces*



"Fee fie foe feral," said a man's voice, hitting my ears like the blast of a barge's horn. "I smell the blood of a little girl." He rhymed "girl" with "feral," something only possible because of his cockney-accented English. "Be she hot, be she cold, I'll wager this, me lads--she won't get more old."


This always makes me laugh.



Arms snagged me hard and pulled me close. "Oh God, oh God, Mercy. He thought you were effing dead..." Ben's voice was hoarse...and almost unrecognizable. If it hadn't been for the British accent, I wouldn't have been certain it was him.


Yes, I know I keep saying it, but I LOVE Ben.



[He] met Adam's eyes ... and I saw shock in his face for just an instant before he began to shift to wolf. It was a dirty trick, something Alphas--strong Alphas--could do, forcing the change on another wolf.


..."Might not be able to save you," Adam said, lying back again and closing his eyes. "But I can buy us a little time to kick you in the butt hard enough you stop thinking about 'tomorrow and tomorrow' and start thinking about how much your butt hurts."


*sigh of relief*



Seriously. Love Ben. I can't even describe how much.