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River Marked - Patricia Briggs


"To you, it is a coyote print," I said firmly. "For him, it is a wolf print. Only I and my tattoo artist know for sure."





"Mercy," he said, "in a fair fight between near equals, I'll back you every time. It's the demons, vampires ... that I worry about, and I'm working on that."


I could live with that if he could.


They're so great together.



"I like this man, your husband," he told me. Maybe it was an explanation. "He would have attacked me for putting you in danger--even though the wolf knew exactly what I was. And yet, when you asked him to have patience, he did. It is proper that men listen to the counsel of women."


Exactly. *winks*



"He says that you are not speaking to him," I said.


She laughed, but it was a sad laugh. "[He] doesn't usually lie, but sometimes he forgets. It is he who is angry with us. We gave him advice he did not like, and he got mad."