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Fair Game  - Patricia Briggs


"Your pack won't help her?" Icy rage froze his voice. Mercy might be mated to Adam, but to his wolf she would always belong to Bran. Would always be his little coyote, who was tough and defiant...


Adam gave a huff of laughter that eased Bran's ire. "It's not that. She's grumpy and embarrassed at being helpless. I had to leave last week on business. By the time I got back, the vampire had to come take care of her because she'd driven everyone else off. I don't have to listen when she tells me to leave her alone, but everyone else does."


Pleased at the thought of Mercy ordering around a bunch of werewolves, Bran settled back in his chair.





"Asil has appointed himself my guardian?" asked Charles softly. Asil was overstepping himself.


"He was bored, he told me," said his father. He gave Charles a small smile. "I have given him a job so he doesn't get bored again."


LMFAO! Even when most people get the better of Bran they don't really get the better of him.



Brother Wolf decided, looking at the delicate joyful face, that they would find the killer and destroy him. Children should be protected. Charles agreed...



Anna was never sure how many of the Latin phrases she knew were right, and how much her father simply had made up on the spot. She'd quit speaking it in front of Bran because he'd get this pained look on his face. Charles seemed mostly to find it funny, a joke they shared.


I like her Latin. ^_^



"There have been rumors, if you know where to listen, that werewolves may share a trait or two with the fae. That their ability to heal damned near anything also keeps them from aging. 


Leslie absorbed that. "If that's so, I peg our Anna at sixteen and her husband at ten thousand and change."


Bwah haha haha!!



More cheerfully -- because she had taken his side over Charles's -- Brother Wolf resumed the hunt.


Can I just say how much I love Brother Wolf?