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Fair Game  - Patricia Briggs


"It is not wise to give something old and powerful something they care about. And I am very old."


I'm seriously loving this character!!



"My father says that government unchecked is like a snowball; you can always count on it getting bigger and gathering more power."


No doubt!



"Just warning him about sleeping with dangerous things. Tigers are rare treasures--and they will eat you and not give it a second thought."



"Tell me this was necessary," she said.


"No," Charles answered.


I'd like to know more about Hally. I think she could be an interesting character.



He had lived a very long time, and only since he gained Anna had he learned to fear. He'd discovered that he had never been brave before--just indifferent. She had taught him that to be brave, you have to fear losing something.


[...]People as old and powerful as he should never be given someone to love. 


For Anna he would destroy the world.



"I should have known that Bran's son would be too hardheaded to be led by his nose by any magic..."