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Night Broken  - Patricia Briggs


Adam was mine. She had thrown him away, thrown Jesse away--and I had snatched them up. Finders keepers.


LOVE!! The 'finders keepers' makes me grin - somewhat juvenile, but totally Mercy. She's not giving them up for anything.



The snarl didn't make Adam's too-handsome features less handsome, but it would probably have scared anyone else. Me? I think I have some kind of subliminal death wish because Adam's anger makes me go weak in the knees, and not in a terrified sort of way.


Adam makes me go weak in the knees, too. LOL


Adam decided that since I was going to keep getting into trouble, the only thing he could do was try to ensure I could get myself out of it, too.


See, this is a huge reason why I love Adam. He wants to make Mercy strong enough, not just wrap her in bubble wrap to protect her. He works to make her stronger. 



"I don't open my door to people whose names I do not know," I told the stranger outside my door.


"Recently, I have been ____," he told me.


Oh man, oh man, oh man! I'm so excited about this!!!