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Night Broken  - Patricia Briggs


When I'd met Tad, a little over ten years ago, he'd only been a kid...He'd been nine going on fifty then, and the only thing that had changed since was that someone had rubbed off the bright and shiny cheer that had been his gift to the world. If I ever found out who had done it, I might sic a werewolf pack on them.


I love how Mercy is so protective of those she loves.



"I'd make you some brownies," I told Tad. "But she's always in my kitchen."


Poor Mercy. Can't even get her normal stress relief. :(



..."better safe than sorry" was my phrase of the day.


After all she's been through this would be my phrase of my life! LOL



"Because at the moment it was the best thing to do," Honey said coolly. "Sometimes the only action you can take leads to more trouble. But she would have considered that when she did it. Mercy is no fool...It is not for you to judge."



"Some of the pack like to forget who you are when Adam isn't around," Honey said softly. "I'll have a discussion with [him]."





"You can trust me not to leave people helpless against a monster. A human monster or a werewolf monster. I don't help bad guys--even if they are someone I thought I liked or felt some loyalty to. Bad guys need to be stopped."