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The King - J.R. Ward


If anyone spoils me, I shall be very upset!!



I was about to freak the hell out! Wasn't expecting that opening.



"You shall be mine fore'evermore--your enemies are mine own, your bloodline to mix with mine own, your dusks and your dawns to share only with me. This bond shall ne'er be torn asunder by forces within or without--and" -- here he paused -- "there shall be one and only one female for all mine days."


<3 <3



"Surely you will agree, however, that there is a tremendous difference between distant human relations...and a King who is substantially of that horrid race."


Well, fuck you, too!! Asshole. Grr.



"Stop this the now."


*frowns* Awkward sentence. It just completely pulled me out of the story and I had to look at it and read it several times. Even now I don't like the way it reads.



Wrong place, wrong time, [he] thought as he caught a slug in the shoulder, the pain blossoming through his head--and making it impossible for him to dematerialize.


He wanted nothing of this silly fight amongst the rats without tails.