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Night Broken  - Patricia Briggs


"What I really wihs, though, is that there had been a camera at your house when Adam tore a strip off Christy when she wasted time playing stupid games...when you were calling for help. I'd pay a lot of money to have gotten to see that."


You and me both, Honey!!



"When you blamed Adam, whose only fault that I can see is that he has poor taste in wives, you made it my business," I told her.


Honey cleared her throat. "You do know you are one of his wives, right?"


I raised an eyebrow. "Happily, he doesn't know how bad off he is with me--and I intend he never will."


I <3 Mercy.



"Speaking of things to remember...I like it when you defend me. I haven't gotten a lot of that."


Aww, Adam! *hugs*



"I still think we should give him Christy."


Hah. Me too.