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Night Broken  - Patricia Briggs


"What do you think would happen if you forced the Alpha of the Columbia Basin Pack, one of the most prominent packs in the US to defend his wife against government agents? The man who gave you your orders doesn't understand what he's messing with. A man like Hauptman, a werewolf, will die defending his mate. He would never have let you leave with her. He tried to tell you that. Did you miss the part where Mr. Hauptman said he wouldn't let anyone hurt his wife?"


I'm SO interested in this aspect! The politics going on between the fae, werewolves, and humans. And I just can't help but think that there are so many stupid humans - or rather that they've all joined Cantrip.



"Before Christy came, I never thought about how much you manipulate the people around you--it doesn't feel like manipulation when you do it." 

"The difference is," I told him, "that I love you and want everyone to be happy. And"--I lifted a finger--"I know what's best for you."


"And," said Adam, "Mercy's not subtle. When she manipulates you, she wants you to know you've been manipulated."





"Mercedes Athena Thompson Hauptman, if I have not said it, you should know that you brought joy into my life when I thought there was no joy left in the world."


*wipes tears*



Okay, Darryl, you've won me over - don't fuck up again.



"Don't do that. It makes it difficult to hold you here. I break things, a lot of things, but I don't want one of them to be you. So just rest here."





I still hate Christy. I wish they'd given her up. LOL