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The Duchess War - Courtney Milan


"Family isn't a matter of history. Or biology," he said softly. "It's a matter of choice."


I love this sentiment. I've believed it with my whole being for years.



What stood between them had become infinitely simple and entirely too complicated all at once.



"The question of vaccination is one we must put off for later. The topic for the moment is disinfectant -- and might I remind you both that disinfectant helps prevent cholera and influenza, two diseases we cannot inoculate against in any event."


"Ah, Miss Pursling," Grantham said softly. "Using facts to settle disputes. How bold of you."


I just love Minnie. She's so incredibly interesting. Brilliant and logical, strong, terrified, full of strategy...contradictions abound and it is all part of her character.



She gave him a frosty look. "Clearly you hold yourself to low standards. Whatever your faults may be, I do not jab prematurely."


He choked on a sputtering, outraged laugh...


LOOL!! Their banter back and forth always gets me.



"I knew perfectly well what you meant," Sebastian said. "But I've always found that the quickest way to make someone relent in his foolish edicts is to take every command literally and to perform it with flagrant obedience."


The friendship between Oliver, Robert, Sebastian and Violet is the *best*!!



"No," Minnie said bitterly. "I earned this, fair and square." Well, maybe it hadn't been fair. And maybe it hadn't been precisely square. Still, she'd earned it legally. Legally and...rectangularly. That would have to do.


So many moments where I'm chuckling in this book.



I love, love, love, love, LOVE that there's no insta-love.



"Did we do it right that time?"


She snuggled against him. "Oh, yes," she said dreamily. "Very right."


(emphasis mine) This is (a small) part of what I love about Courtney Milan. She subverts the normal conventions of the genre and does it so naturally that I'm left wondering why the normal conventions are conventions at all.


I love that she showed him what she liked after their first time together wasn't fabulous. Communication - now that's sexy.