Great Start to this Serial

Chained - Ruthie Knox

A few months ago I read my first Ruthie Knox book, and I haven't looked back since. She writes some of the best contemporary romances I've come across and instantly propelled herself to a favorite of mine with her Camelot series. I admit, I'm not a fan of serialized novels in general; too frequently they feel cut off, incomplete, and altogether less than they should be. So, it was with mixed expectations that I started this, Part 1 of Roman Holiday - Chained.


Lucky for me, Ruthie Knox delivered. Here we're introduced to our two characters - Ashley and Roman. Ashley is a woman at the end of her options. She loves the vacation home her grandmother used to own, but now that her grandmother has just died and Ashley finds out it's been sold, the only - admittedly crazy - idea she has is a protest. Chaining herself to a palm tree, with no planning, leaves her with even fewer options. But she's determined and unbreakable in her desire to save this place that means so much to her.


It means a lot to Roman as well. It's the key to his plans for the area, and he figures he can be patient enough to ride out Ashley's demands and little protest. Roman is an interesting character, he spends a lot of time thinking about how he needs to act, and how he can't let himself feel anything. Normally, this might not be the best way to get me interested in him, but the little hints about his history make me think his demeanor makes a lot of sense, and that makes me very interested.


One part a week, and I can't wait to read more of this story - even if the wait might seem like it's going to kill me.