Make Me, Sir by Cherise Sinclair

Make Me, Sir - Cherise Sinclair

I wasn't sure what to expect when I first picked up Make Me, Sir. We didn't know Marcus too well, and Gabi was completely new to me. And it ended up being my favorite. Even after reading the rest of the series, Make Me, Sir remains my favorite book out of all the Masters of the Shadowlands.


Considering it contains two of my biggest book-annoyances, even I'm surprised that it's a favorite at times. Big Misunderstandings and Deceptions are generally deal breakers for me. However, Cherise Sinclair handles them so beautifully that I barely even recognized that they were being used in this story while I was reading it.


Marcus, the sexy southern lawyer, and Gabi, the rebellious, strong, big-hearted victim specialist are absolutely wonderful together. Seeing Marcus fall for someone he didn't even realize he needed, and Gabi learn that sometimes first impressions are not the whole story and a person you imagined not being able to stand could turn into your whole life - just made me so happy. I loved every moment of watching them get to know one another.


Since it also starts the human trafficking story-arc that continues for the next several books, the suspense plot is interesting and heart-wrenching. My heart broke for the women being taken, and for Gabi's need to do good.


Make Me, Sir is the book that I've re-read the most since it was first released. That it introduces Galen and Vance (double yum) is just a huge plus.