A Vampire's Christmas Carol by Cynthia Eden: meh characters left me feeling flat

A Vampire's Christmas Carol - Cynthia Eden

I was really enjoying this re-telling of A Christmas Carol...until we met the heroine. It's not even that she was awful or irritated the hell out of me, but she was just so bland.

This is basically a reunited lovers story, and while I normally love those I do generally want to see why the characters love each other. The most I got out of this was that he felt like a better person with her and she saw his potential. 

I don't know about you, but I've seen many relationships (and people) crash and burn for a love like that.

Because this is a novella I didn't expect loads of information and story here, but I was surprised by how much world Cynthia Eden managed to pack into the story. There were demons and shifters, angels and vampires. I felt like I had a pretty good sense of most of it - though I'd definitely want to know more about the demons!!

Overall a quick, good paranormal retelling. The writing was good and I'll definitely be checking out more of Ms. Eden's books in the future. I just wish that there had been more time spent developing the relationship and less time on the sex scenes (which were apparently quite forgettable as I can barely remember them except that there were 2 of them).