Heart of Stone by Christine Warren - DNF at 14%

Heart of Stone  - Christine Warren

DNF at 14%

Let me just get this off my chest: Ella. I hate you. You suck.

*points up* That, right there, will be the theme behind all of my thoughts.

It started off great. I actually kind of liked Ella. She made me laugh in the beginning, and I was getting ready to settle in and wait for the gargoyle to show up - yes, I've got a thing for gargoyles lately. But the gargoyle isn't who showed up first. 

First, we're treated to a lovely scene where some guy assaults, grabs and holds onto our dear heroine - who bemoans the fact that no one is there to save her. Never mind this super-powerful gift she's got. She can't use that. Don't ask questions, she just can't! A hand bruising her arm, and one wrapped around her throat while the bad guy monologues, and kisses her and I'm glowering at my Kindle wondering when the hell she's going to knee him in the balls!

Finally, finally, she boxes his ear - well thank goodness for that. Next up, run! Get away, call the police, file a report. Does our wonderful heroine do any of that? Hell no. She stands there and looks at the asshole that just was choking her and starts to think nicer thoughts about him. Feels a bit sorry for him being hurt. Are you fucking kidding me?? 

THEN, we have the useless friend/boss that comes out - clearly she knows what was going on - and just decides to brush it all under the rug. Ignore it, and escort douchey-McAsshole out the door. Mind you, she's not escorting him out the door because he should be getting arrested, no the gallery's closed so he shouldn't be there anymore. 

Clearly this guy's going to show up again to try and rape the dauntless heroine again at some point. 

Ella then stares up at a centuries old gargoyle and asks why it didn't spring to her rescue. She's so busy bemoaning the fact that no man was around to help her she doesn't even notice the guy coming up behind her with a KNIFE. She screams.

The aforementioned gargoyle was apparently like "FINE. I'll help you!" and springs to life knocking the attacker out. What's our heroine do next? After all her whining and wishing for a big strong man to save her, you'd probably think she would drop to her knees in thanks.

Nope. Wrong again. Remember that super-special, super-strong power she has? NOW she uses it! Against the being that saved her. *headdesk* I get it, he's got horns and claws, a tail and wings - but really? He's talking to you, he's just saved you, he's saying he's not going to hurt you, he's asking logical questions....but HE'S the one you attack. Not the dude that tried to rape you, not the guy with the knife that clearly wanted to do something bad to you. Nope, the gargoyle that saved you.

Obviously, this scene pissed me the hell off. I nearly stopped there. But I did push myself a bit further.

Now clearly she doesn't trust or like the gargoyle (even when he transforms into a super-sexy human), but she still caves to pressure and invites him home with her. Seriously? Grow a spine!

Add in some whining about not being special - despite the super-POWERFUL (did I mention it's so powerful it scares her?) magic you've got going on and some truly mystifying moments where she doesn't even appear to think at all. 

Then to top it all off when she and the gargoyle show up at her work the next morning (not even concerned about where the statue might have gotten to) and she sees her boss:

"I'm sorry, I'm being rude. Ella, is this a friend of yours?"

Oh no, he's just my mythological kidnapper slash cross to bear.

Again, I say to you Ella - grow a fucking spine. Meekly going along, and then bemoaning it, is not an awesome personality trait.

Also - go read Cory's dramatization in her review of the attempted rape scene - HILARIOUS!!

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