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Daughter of Smoke & Bone  - Laini Taylor


She had never made love...She thought about it, of course she thought about it. She was of age; her body coursed with urges, just like anyone's, and chimaera weren't puritanical about sex. [She] had just never come to a moment when it had felt right.


I love this. There's no shaming either way. Perfect.



"And you? Did your parents love each other?"


"No," he said, and offered no explanation. "But I hope that my children's parents will."


Ohh, be still my heart. *swoons*


"Love is a luxury."


"No. Love is an element."


Seriously. Killing me here with the sweetness.



Once upon a time, before chimaera and seraphim, there was the sun and the moons...


I have always loved mythologies, but the mythology in these books slays me. I love it. This story is fantastic.